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Dr. Corbett on

Watch Dr. Corbett as she has a sit down with Trudi Lebron, Nigel Clarke and Host, Brandon M. Frame as they discuss how they are shifting the culture and Building Minds Forever.

Statements of Support for Beyond the Box

"We support the Department of Education's "Beyond the Box" initiative as we continue to work to create equitable access for students. UMBC is committed to inclusive excellence and we applaud the Administration's efforts to make it easier for qualified students to...

The Second Chance Act (Fact Sheet)

Nearly all of the 2.2 million people incarcerated in the United States will be released at some point. People who are returning to their communities after prison or jail have complex challenges and needs that contribute to the likelihood that they may be...

Prison populations at 20-year low

The state’s efforts to keep nonviolent offenders from clogging state jails and prisons have reduced Connecticut’s inmate population to below 15,000 inmates, its lowest level in 20 years, the governor said. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy made the announcement on Friday morning...

Second Chance Educational Alliance, Inc. delivers an education-based pre-release reentry program at correctional facilities in Connecticut.

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